Road Test Scheduling

Road Test Scheduling

We often are told that the only local road test appointments are four to six months away. Many families in frustration travel hours to a DMV that has a test opening that is much sooner. PennDot has made some attempts to simplify test scheduling but obviously has not communicated these changes very clearly. This is the current system. PennDot keeps two schedules. The first schedule is six months out and is intended for new permit holders to immediately book their road test. The second schedule is about one month out. Both schedules are updated during regular business hours in the morning every Tuesday. The test sites in or near Monroe County are busy and appointments for them are usually all taken by the end of the day on Tuesday. Hence an inquiry on any other day will only show a few appointments about six months out. There are of course cancellations. We have been told that cancellations are posted about 9PM daily. You should go online or call at 9 and refresh several times to see if you find anything. Driving schools have no extra "pull" to get an exam scheduled. The local DMV manager does have the capability to schedule a few walk-in appointments if he feels the situation warrants it Examples might be a job transfer or military deployment. Hopefully, this is helpful to you.


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